Everything You Didn’t Know About Volleyball and More

Everything You Didn’t Know About Volleyball

Everyone has come to love sports. Though we enjoy watching these sports live, on the television, or playing them ourselves. What most people don’t know is every sport has a history. Though dedicated fans are familiar with some of the more popular sports like basketball, we are going to focus on the history and information about a sport that came around four years after the invention of basketball, volleyball. We are going to layout everything you didn’t know and maybe some stuff you did know about the history and the game itself.

The Creation Of Volleyball

In 1891, basketball was invented as one of the last more popular sports to be created. Four years later in 1895, William G. Morgan decided that he wanted to create a game that had some of the great qualities of some of the other sports such as tennis, basketball, baseball, and handball. When the game was first created, Morgan used a borrowed tennis net that was 6’6” high. The net wasn’t very high to be accommodating to the average American height during the colonial times. As time developed so did this new sport, as we will see next as we highlight a basic historical timeline of the developments to follow.

A Historical Timeline

• In 1900 having a specialized ball designed strictly for the sport honored the sport of volleyball.
• In 1916 the set and spike; one of the most popular offensive tactics, was introduced in the Philippines.
• In 1928 after many changes to the sport, it was determined that the sport needed a clear set of rules to follow.

In order to obtain these rules, the United States Volleyball Association was created, which is now known as USA Volleyball. The associations declared the first U. S Open for volleyball introducing it as a competitive sport.

The Rules Of Volleyball

Now that we have looked at the history of volleyball, it is time to look at some of the rules of play.

• The basic rule of playing volleyball is to have the ball hit the floor inside the boundaries on your opponent’s side of the net.
• Each side gets three contacts to get the ball over to your side of the net, if they are unable to this is known as an error.
• Volleyball can be played with a team of 2 to 6 players.
• Volleyball can be played on a variation of terrains from sand to grass.
• There are a variety of scoring systems that can be used depending on where the game is played and the choice of the officials.

The Don’ts Of Volleyball

Now that we understand the basic rules of volleyball, we are going to look at some of the don’ts of volleyball.
• One of the don’ts of volleyball is that you can’t touch the net when you are attempting a play on the ball.
• You want to make sure that you don’t step on the back line when serving the ball, or else you may end up with a foul.
• You also want to make sure you don’t contact the ball more than three times within a play.

Volleyball Jargon

We are going to conclude our glimpse into volleyball by highlighting some of the technical jargon that comes with playing volleyball.
• A spike is when an offensive player slams the ball overhand in hopes of scoring a kill. A kill is when a player successful scores using a spike.
• A set is the motion if one player positioning the ball for another player to spike.
• Finally an ace is when the ball hits the floor without being touched during the opposing team during a serve.

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